The best scientific illustration services to make your research impactful and understandable

Scientific illustration


Journal figures

Graphical abstracts

Book figures

Medical illustration

Wildlife illustration

 Improve the quality of your paper and impress the editors and reviewers with high-quality scientific illustration services. Full color and original designs that would help your research to get the attention of the scientific community .

 The cost would be established based on the complexity of the project. Normal price ranged between $50-250


Science illustration: Picture perfect

150 years of scientific illustration

Resumen 2-min
Resumen t 3
Figure processing and polishing​

Figure processing and polishing

Polishing of photographs and images

Improvement of statistical figures

Preparation of the figures for journal specifications

You can use this service to improve the quality of your figures, photographs, and images to match the specific requirement of your target journal. I can modify the form, structure and look and of your images to make them more understandable and presentable.


The price of these services can vary depending on the complexity of the work but typically is between 30-50$.


estadistica 3-min
Journal covers, animations

Hight performance artwork

Journal covers

Thesis covers

Book covers


3D figures

I can model outstanding images and animations to help you promote your ideas, proposes, and results. This artwork can be used as journal covers, thesis covers, book covers, and especial figures

Due to the high difference among projects the price would be arranged after the evaluation of your initial request. Normal price ranged between $200-500 for an artwork image and $300-800 for an animation

Posters, flyers, presentations

Promotional tools




Logos or Icons



If you have and important presentation or want to use some outstanding promotional material for your research I can help you to get the attention you wanted.


The cost of these services depends on the specific project and tool required. Normal price ranged between $60-250

ejemplo Cartel 2-min

The process to turn your data into masterly illustrations


Send me a request with the information of your project. If possible, send me an abstract, sketch (quality doesn’t matter) or any information that you considered important. 

After you send me the request, I would communicate with you to define the details of your project. You can choose to establish communication by email, WhatsApp, or set up a meeting on Skype to get the best personalize attention. 

According to this information, I will establish a sketch of the project and give you a quote  with the estimated costs for your project.


After we get to an agreement, I will prepare the initial draft of the project .

You can revise this draft and indicates if any adjustments are required .

Feel free to ask for any adjustment you need until you are satisfied with the results.

I will send you the revised project to you as soon as possible .

proceso 4

The final steps

After you approve the design I will send you an electronic invoice that can be paid with a Credit Card or Paypal 

After payment I will send you the final image in the specific format you required 

The price of the service is according to the initial quote in most cases. Only when major changes appear during the revision period (like you wanted to include new components in the figure) the price would be recalculated. These changes would be notified during the revision period. 

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