I specialize in scientific graphics and and illustrations to help you to increase the visibility and impact of your researches

During this global emergency by the infection of the new COVID-19, we continue working with researchers to use graphics and illustrations to communicate the scientific work, that in this chalenging period demonstrate to be essential. 

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Scientific illustration

Journal and book figures

 Graphical abstracts

 Molecular biology illustrations

  Medical illustration

  Wildlife illustration

Figure processing and polishing​

Polishing of photographs and images

Improvement of statistical figures

Preparation of the figures for journal specifications

Journal covers, animations

Journal covers

Thesis covers

Book covers

Science Animations

3D figures

Posters, flyers, presentations




Logos or Icons


Cromosomes illustration

Graphic design in science

One of the main challenges in the current competitive scientific world is the transformation of highly complex data into intuitive and organic articles or documents that surprise the scientific community. Also, many times we require this information to be understandable for the nonspecialized public to get the impact we pursuit. To achieve this sometimes our writing skills are not enough, especially when we aim to summarize months or years of research.

At this point, the use of graphic design can complement the science fields by allowing an easy way to summarize and clarify our intricate data. This by offering more tangible and familiar information that is easily assimilated by our audience. For example, explain a molecular pathway or process would be very difficult and dense only with words and probably this information would be easily forgettable. But an image or figure is more easily retain and interpreted by our brains. Further, a good-looking illustration promotes our natural curiosity, promoting that the readers put more effort into the interpretation of our results.

Endoplasmic reticulum 3D

Work with somebody with scientific and artistic background

I’m a freelance illustator and researcher with experience in development of scientific project and publications of results in international journals.

Also, I have more than 5 years of experience in scientific illustration and graphics that allows me to transform complex and plain data into effective artworks. 

I have a degree in biology, and specialise in nature illustrations, medical illustrations, and molecular biology graphics. But i can use my skills in virtually every scientific fields

The Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)

Science graphics in publications

Images are the universal language and have helped to get the attention of the specialize and general public from the beginning of science. So, use art to spread your messages in a clearer way to get the impact you wanted (150 years of scientific illustration).

Several specialists agree that the use of visual communication through scientific illustrations or figures is taking more relevance in the modern research community and can help you stand out during the peer review (Science illustration: Picture perfect). This indicates that scientific illustration can be used as a tool to improve your chances of publication in high impact journals and increase your productivity.

Neurones illustration

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